Our Partners

At GIRHIMPROM, the ethos of collaboration is not just a component of our operational model; it is the very foundation upon which our innovative endeavors are built. Our commitment to fostering a collaborative environment extends beyond conventional boundaries, bringing together an illustrious network of partners that stands at the forefront of their respective domains. This network includes leading corporations known for their pioneering contributions, as well as esteemed academic institutions renowned for their groundbreaking research and scholarly excellence.

Our partnership ecosystem is meticulously curated to ensure a synergistic alignment of goals, expertise, and resources, enabling us to tackle some of the most daunting theoretical and practical challenges facing the chemical engineering, environmental science, and industrial process innovation sectors today. It is this collaborative spirit that allows us to transcend traditional disciplinary limits, fostering a multidisciplinary approach that is essential for true innovation.

Each partner within our network brings a unique set of strengths to the table. From cutting-edge technological advancements and proprietary methodologies to deep theoretical insights and extensive empirical datasets, these contributions are invaluable to our joint efforts. By leveraging this diverse pool of knowledge and capabilities, GIRHIMPROM and its partners are able to drive forward projects that would be unattainable by any single entity working in isolation.

Our collaborative projects are characterized by a deep commitment to focused research work and expert consultations. This involves not only the application of sophisticated analytical techniques and innovative methodologies but also a dedication to rigorous scientific inquiry and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work. Whether it’s developing new chemical compounds, enhancing environmental sustainability practices, or optimizing industrial processes, our efforts are aimed at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, thereby delivering tangible benefits to society and the environment.

Furthermore, this collaborative model facilitates a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge among our partners, fostering an environment of continuous learning and mutual growth. It is this aspect of our collaboration that ensures we remain at the cutting edge of technological and scientific advancements, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow with innovative solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

In sum, at GIRHIMPROM, collaboration is more than a strategy; it is a fundamental principle that guides our every action. Through our esteemed network of partners, we are dedicated to advancing the fields of chemical engineering, environmental science, and industrial process innovation, making significant contributions to both our industries and the wider world.

Featured partners

In collaboration with DIN-PP, GIRHIMPROM is at the forefront of industrial innovation, enhancing our capabilities in process engineering and product development. This partnership allows us to leverage cutting-edge research and technological advancements to improve efficiency and sustainability across operations.

Multotec is a company focused on the mineral processing industry, aiming to assist mining houses worldwide in processing minerals more efficiently, effectively, and reliably. For over 50 years, they have been committed to maximizing plant performance and productivity, enhancing product quality, consistency, and reliability, and increasing product speed to market. They offer a wide range of products and services, including equipment for screening media, mineral processing, sampling solutions, wear solutions, and more, along with a global footprint across Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America. For detailed information, visit their website at Multotec.

We are proud to partner with Prodecologia, a leader in the design and manufacturing of magnetic separators and metal detectors since 1993. Based in Ukraine, their expertise spans across creating comprehensive solutions for processing industrial solid waste, scrap electronics, and more. Their innovative approach has reached over 30 countries, serving various industries to improve material quality, enhance environmental protection, and promote recycling efficiency. Their commitment to advanced technology and quality underscores our shared values in sustainability and excellence.

Empowering Progress Together

Our partners are more than collaborators; they are integral to our mission of driving scientific and technological progress in the chemical and environmental sectors. Through these partnerships, GIRHIMPROM not only strengthens its research and development efforts but also contributes to the broader goal of creating sustainable, innovative solutions for the industry. We are proud to work alongside our partners, building a better future through shared knowledge, expertise, and vision.